Are six words that sum up the Kneller family.

When Chad and Jaree met in 2003 they were a MESS. Over time their mess has become their message. There have been many TESTS along the way. With no test there is no testimony.

The Kneller’s Have their first teen in the house. Gavin loves gaming and has huge goals for his future. He is extremely smart and even scored higher then both his parents on a recent IQ test.

Ava loves all things horses. She has an artist gifting and enjoys drawing animals and riding horses. Despite her love for horses her kitty Asher Angel is her very favorite animal. Asher is more like a puppy then a kitty and follows Ava wherever she goes.

Elijah loves racing his cars, marbles and playing slitherio. He makes sure that the family is smiling and laughing every single day.

The Kneller’s love Jesus and share his good news with all who will listen and HIS message that YOU were

Until All Have Heard,

Chad Kneller